The blue shark is greatly distributed in the world, being in both temperate and tropical waters and doing trans-atlantic migrations. This species has a curious behavior and tends to approach us. They have a non-agressive behaviour, swimming slowly around the divers. It is always amazing to see these cartilageneans in their natural habitat.

This is a pelagic animal that can be found at depths up to 350 m, in order to have an interaction with the sharks we attract them using bait.

Prior to this experience each participant must do a check dive in one of our coastal spots in order to verify that all the material is functional and so that our professionals can check the experience of each person.

​This trip has a minimum of 4 hours and can last a full day, we go with our Zodiac (7,60 m). Due to our unstable meteorology to join us in this activity you must have a minimum stay of 4 days.