We are a small local company that aims to provide a more personalized service, respecting the nature that surrounds us and makes these islands a paradise.


​As lovers and explorers of the Azorean archipelago our intention is to get you lost in the charms of the Islands, in particular the Island of Faial where we are located.

We have the Atlantic Ocean as our favorite spot on our door step, leading us to specialize in diving activities as well as boat rides in which the lava formations take a completely different perspective from that on land.

To visit the island on two wheels: rent our bikes and venture along the paths and mysteries of Faial.

Join us and get to know the fantastic Azorean world, in and out of the water!



Born and raised in Faial Island.

Working as a Maritime-tourism operator since 2010.


João Pedro

Professional diver since 1999 and founded  Central Sub in 2006.